HOT CHIP - Habanero-Chili-Pulver 30g

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Zu den klaren Favoriten gehört Chilipulver aus Habanero-Pfeffer. Warum? Es vereint einen blumigen Duft, den Geschmack bester exotischer Früchte und erreicht eine angenehme Schärfe von 350.000 SHU. Sie werden sehen, dass Sie sich sofort in dieses Gewürz verlieben werden. Deshalb zögern Sie nicht und werfen Sie die 30g-Packung direkt in den Korb! Mehr

Habanero chili powder 30g

Smell and taste

Floral aroma, exotic taste with notes of coconut, papaya, yellow melon and berries


350,000 SHU

Use in the kitchen

Thanks to its floral aroma and taste of exotic fruit, it goes well with sweet dishes, ideally with chocolate. It can also be used in the preparation of salty dishes. Habanero is great for dips and sauces or a barbecue marinade!

Country of origin


The pepper that has it all!

This Caribbean pepper is very popular. This is undoubtedly due to its unique taste. It will captivate not only rock fans of hotness, but also everyone who is looking for an exceptional taste. The interplay of papaya, coconut, yellow melon and berries will guarantee you a unique taste experience.

Because we know that spices are the basis of everything, we have prepared for you a fine chili powder that will help you add flavor to any meal. In addition to salty dishes, you can also add it to desserts with chocolate!

Thanks to its uniqueness, the Habanero also became one of the two peppers that were crossed to create the most feared Carolina Reaper - currently the hottest pepper in the world!

If you haven't tried Habanero yet, it's about time! You definitely won't regret it and your cooking will take on a whole new dimension.