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Today, more and more people enjoy a healthy diet. Due to the constant rush, we look for complex foods that will give us enough protein, carbohydrates and also fiber. And exactly all this, and something else, are contained in STRiPS CHiPS, which consist of lentils, peas, chickpeas or beans. Don't look for anything hidden there. They do not contain dyes, additives and are naturally gluten-free!

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Legumes should not be missing from any menu. They are actually a cure-all. Peas are a huge source of vitamin C, they help lower cholesterol levels, improve the condition of the kidneys, strengthen the nerves and our immune system. The lens is by no means left behind. It is an excellent source of proteins, amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and provitamin A. It strengthens the activity of the kidneys, liver, pancreas and spleen. Thanks to its high iron content, it also has an effect on proper blood formation. And we don't stop there. It also regulates blood sugar levels, helping us fight fatigue.

We have a simple situation here. Have you ever seen a child who will happily push a lens into himself in the school cafeteria? Not us. Where the chips can always be crunched. And it is the health of our children that we care about the most. That's why we try to find a way to get exactly those nutrients into the body that we need so much to live. There is nothing easier than putting your hand in a bag of STRiPS CHiPS and never stop crunching. STRiPS CHiPS, these are the chips you just have to eat!

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