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Do you have someone around you who is a real hell-raiser and loves all things hot? Want to test how much SHU can last? Try our HOT package, which is made up of chilli products to be feared. More

The package includes:

2x HOT CHIP Challenge

2x STRiPS CHiPS Smoked Jalapenos

What is a HOT CHIP?

Corn tortilla chips with spices with a high content of CAROLINA REAPER spices - one of the hottest peppers in the world.

Ingredients: corn flour (79%), sunflower oil, Carolina Reaper seasoning, salt (0.9%).

Suitable for vegans.

How long will it burn?

The intense burning lasts approximately 10-20 minutes, but you will never forget this experience.

What is the SHU (scoville heat unit)

The SHU value of Carolina Reaper spice is between 1.8-2.2 million. The Carolina Reaper is officially the hottest pepper in the world.
HOT-CHIP contains a high amount of this pepper.

In the casket-shaped package you will find:

One HOT-CHIP tortilla chips in a unique package
Latex glove
HOT-CHIP Challenge sticker
Challenge card – discount voucher


Fancy something edgier? SMOKED JALAPEŇOS pea chips with smoked Jalapeños chili peppers are preservative-free, gluten-free, allergen-free and stand out for their hotness. These peppers are a rich source of nutrients and support digestion. Peas, on the other hand, are among the popular legumes that should appear regularly in our diet. They represent an excellent delicacy that you will appreciate during the day as a quick and nutritious snack or in the evening in front of the TV when you have an appetite. If you want to snack healthier, this packet of chips won't harm you or your cholesterol.