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Erebos Dry does not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. It will stimulate the body, activate the mind and caress the taste buds with a carefully selected combination of seven energizing herbs. No sugar, no calories, no guilt. The way nature intended. More

Energy drinks have become a popular means of replenishing energy. Unfortunately, they can contain a number of undesirable substances. That's why EREBOS is here, as a healthier alternative that uses the natural power of herbs and tastes great at the same time. Caffeine of pure natural origin in the ideal ratio to other substances maximizes the long-term effect. No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and no need to trick the taste buds with bubbles.


Composition: Extract from 7 EREBOS herbs (mate, kola, guarana, rhodiola, motherwort, goat's milk, maral), EREBOS DRY essence (natural aroma, extract from herbs and spices), vitamin C, antioxidant: citric acid. It does not contain preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors. Shake well before drinking. Store in a cool, dark place. Use immediately after opening. The sedimentation of herbs is a sign of the natural character of the drink. A drink with a high content of natural caffeine (39 mg/100 ml) - not suitable for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Caffeine only from herbs. Original Czech recipe.

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