HOT CHIP - Ancho Chilli Powder 30g

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If you don't know what spices to add to your meals, Mexico has been clear for a long time! The most popular here is the Ancho pepper, and there are several reasons. A mild heat that pleases everyone and an amazing plum taste - all this makes this pepper an absolute number one. So don't hesitate and get our 30g pack right away! More

Ancho chili powder 30g

Smell and taste

Fruity aroma, sweet, plum-raisin taste


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Use in the kitchen

If there's one pepper that goes with everything, it's the Ancho. Its low heat does not overpower the taste of your food, but rather underlines it. Thanks to its delicacy and light plum flavor, it goes well with meat, sauces and dips, but also in sweet desserts.

Can you smell Mexico in the air? Yes, Mexico is the birthplace of this pepper and its taste will complement any national dish of this country.

Country of origin


Mexico's national love named Ancho

A gentle heat that will delight beginners and chili lovers, the sweet taste of juicy plums and raisins, a great interplay with almost every ingredient. This is exactly what makes Ancho peppers a unique addition to any kitchen. In Mexico, they understood this fact very quickly, so you can probably find it in all their traditional dishes.