HOT CHIP - Bird's Eye Chilli Powder 10g

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Distinct and clean burning. This is exactly how we can summarize the spices from these peppers. If you don't expect a rich taste from chili powder, but only an intense sharp ride, then this matter should not be missing from your kitchen. For starters, you can try our 10g pack. More

Bird's Eye chili powder 10g

Smell and taste

Strong spiciness, without additional taste


100,000 SHU

Use in the kitchen

This spice, like the peppers themselves, is characterized by a strong and pure heat. It adds the necessary zest to dishes, but be careful. When your hand is cut off with this spice, it can completely overshadow the taste of the dish itself.

When handled with care, it goes great with meat, in sauces, marinades or even in stews. If you pickle ermine, then don't forget this spice.

Country of origin


Almost ten times hotter than Jalapeño

The hotness of this pepper reaches 100,000 SHU, making it a real hot player. And who is guaranteed to please? All those looking for unadorned hotness. Do not expect any pleasant aroma or full fruity taste, the task of this pepper is to add spiciness to the food. That is why it is so popular in many exotic national cuisines.

In the past, this pepper was also used for the home treatment of arthritis, rheumatism or toothache. And where did she get her name? Birds take care of spreading their seeds. Unlike humans, birds are not affected by the heat of chillies. Therefore, they can consume it and take care of the spread of pepper seeds.