HOT CHIP - Cherry Chili Sauce

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If you're looking for a truly universal sauce that goes well with cheese and game, then you've found it! Sour cherries in combination with chili conjure up a unique sweet-hot taste that you can find use for almost everywhere. You can use it when preparing a luxurious dinner or as a fresh barbecue dip. More

Cherry chili sauce


The heat of this sauce is low, so it has a really versatile use and is loved by everyone. The slight spiciness only underlines the sweet-sour taste of sour cherries, but certainly does not overshadow it.

Use in the kitchen

Cherry chili sauce is the new successor to cranberries. It can be used for both vegetarian and meat dishes. However, unlike cranberry sauce, it has a much more interesting taste and you will see that everyone will be asking for a side dish. So if you're still hesitating, you should definitely give her a chance.
Cherry chili sauce perfectly complements cheese dishes, as it sets off an unforgettable flavor concert. However, the specific taste of the sauce is also great with venison and other roasted or stewed meats. It creates harmony with duck, beef, even white meat!
Do you like sweet foods? In combination with chocolate flavor, sour cherries and chili create a unique sauce for pancakes.

Premium composition

The best cherry sauce is homemade. But because we know that its preparation takes a lot of time, we have prepared it for you. And with us, you can be sure that you will find only the best sour cherries and high-quality chili in it.
We do not add any flavorings, dyes or preservatives to the bottles. We want the sauce to have an authentic taste and be really honest. Otherwise it makes no sense.


Pasteurized. Ingredients: Sour cherries (60%), sugar, pectin from citrus fruits, dried Bhut Jolokia chili peppers (0.06%). Without artificial preservatives and dyes.


260 g