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Mustard simply shouldn't be missing from any fridge. The taste of mustard seeds is irresistible. But you might be thinking how good it would be if every glass had an even bigger cut. We thought so too. And that's why we have a little miracle for you - chili mustard. More

Chili Mustard



Use in the kitchen

Chilli commands respect at times. But you don't have to worry. We love balance and harmony as much as you do. Therefore, the ratio of ingredients is such that the heat does not completely overshadow the wonderful taste of mustard seeds.

And what recipe to use it for? That depends only on you. For us, it's great for preparing various sauces, with meat, it plays great with root vegetables, luxuriously enlivens any sandwich or just goes well with sausage or sausages.

Premium composition

We look at the composition of each glass. Therefore, do not look for mass production and sauces full of dyes and és with us. We have never been interested in anything like that and we prefer to offer our products in small quantities, where we can always guarantee the best quality.

When two great things are combined into one and even better!

Like you, we love chili. But we enjoy playing with different ingredients and finding the right balance so that all the ingredients stand out as they should.

Mustard is amazing on its own. It goes well with meat and can also adjust sauces or soups. It's the same with chili, so why not combine the two into one miracle?

We decided on this connection and we can unanimously say that it is a really great thing. If mustard appears in your diet, there's no reason not to replace it with this genius chili version!


Mustard seed (26%), fermented alcoholic vinegar, drinking water, table salt, cane sugar, turmeric, dried Bhut Jolokia Peach chili peppers (0.12%).


200 g