HOT CHIP - Chilli And Lime Jerky

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Chilli and Lime Jerky

A combination of the finest ingredients

Dried meat is a tasty and nutritious snack anytime you have an unexpected food craving. Beef is luxurious in itself. But why not help him a little and take his taste one level further?

For Jerky Chilli and Lime, we called in two ingredients that play a great flavor concert with meat. The first ingredient is more than typical for us, because we simply love it on everything and in everything - chili. This will give the meat a great cut and the necessary piquancy.

However, because we thought that this jerky deserved some additional flavor, we added lime to its preparation. And the result is simply a blast!

A great snack for everyone

Are you looking for a snack where you can be sure that only the highest quality ingredients were used for its production? Looking for something that tastes great and has chili to warm you up? In that case, you are looking for our Chilli and Lime Jerky!

Careful manufacturing process

The taste of our jerky is not only given by a special mix of spices, but by each of the ingredients. We care about production right from the beginning. For us, the process does not start with slicing the beef, but with the very selection of the best meat.

It's the same with other tastes. We ensure high quality and cooperate only with the best suppliers. And then we just supervise the whole process. From the beginning to the moment we pack the jerky and send it to you.

We say NO to chemistry

That's why you can be sure that every taste that hits your tongue is completely natural.

No gluten. maximum natural composition, 57% protein. This is the right jerky for us!


Beef (min. 85%), seasoning mixture (dextrose, salt, mixture of spices and dehydrated vegetables - onion, tomato powder, paprika, garlic), chili 1.5%, lime flavor 0.6%, acidity regulator (citric acid ), wine vinegar, sea salt, natural aroma.


Store in a dry and cool place. Once you open the package, use it within 24 hours. Any white coating is not a problem. The oxygen absorber is not intended for consumption, but you would have figured that out even without us.


25 g