HOT CHIP - Chipotle Chili Powder 30g

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This unique spice is characterized by its chocolate-nut flavor and charming smoky aroma. Behind this characteristic aroma is the smoking of Jalapeño peppers on pecan wood. You will love this spice, so order our 30g version right away. More

Chipotle chili powder 30g

Smell and taste

Smoky aroma, sweet taste concealing notes of chocolate and nuts


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Use in the kitchen

Chipotle seasoning is very popular in Mexican cuisine. But it can be used in the preparation of a whole range of dishes. It perfectly flavors both beef, pork or chicken.

If you're preparing a legume meal, don't forget to add some spices to it. Are you planning a barbecue? In that case, add a little to marinades, sauces or dips. Thanks to its pleasant heat, this chili powder should not be missing anywhere.

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Unique aroma and taste

What exactly is Chipotle? This is a dried and smoked version of the popular Jalapeño pepper. Do you love their taste? We are not surprised at all. The unique smoky aroma and full chocolate taste is the result of their smoking on pecan wood.

Chipotle's properties are so popular that more than a quarter of Jalapeño production is destined for this processing. Another advantage of this spice is its really mild and warm heat. Each dish will thus acquire a zest, but at the same time will not lose its basic flavors. Jalapeño peppers already have their place in many world cuisines and appear throughout world history.