HOT CHIP - Green Jalapeño Chilli Powder 10g

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Jalapeño is undoubtedly one of the most popular peppers in the world. Even though it may seem very hot to some, it occupies the bottom rungs on the Scoville scale of heat. The jalapeño takes on many forms, and its strength and flavor depend on it. This fresh, green variant reaches 10,000 SHU. More

Green Jalapeño chili powder 10g

Smell and taste

A fresh, vegetable taste with a slight heat


10,000 SHU

Use in the kitchen

This spice goes well with all Mexican dishes. It plays perfectly with legumes or corn, underlines the taste of burgers, pizza, stews, chicken or proper steaks.

It is a very versatile chili powder that will add optimal spiciness to any food or various sauces.

Country of origin


Jalapeño: A pepper of many forms!

When you say Jalapeño, it is a very broad term. It takes on many forms in terms of size, color, hotness or taste. We chose the green version for our spices because we know you'll definitely love it and also because its heat is just amazingly balanced. You can put it on pizza or in burgers and enjoy an optimally hot ride at any time.

As the Jalapeño pepper goes through the ripening process, it gradually changes color. That's why you know it in green and red versions. The green pepper from which our spice is made is an unripe pepper. As a result, its taste is hotter and more fresh.

Once ripe, its color turns fully red. This variant has a more pronounced, sweet taste. If you come across such a pepper in smoked and dried form, then it is a so-called Chipotle.