HOT CHIP - Indian Chili Sauce

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Let yourself be carried away on the waves of Indian flavors with our perfect Indian chili sauce. The taste of mango, chili and mild curry will transport you to South Asia. Take this sauce with you to a barbecue and you are sure to have a permanent invitation to all garden parties from then on. More

Indian chili sauce



Use in the kitchen

As we have already said, this sauce will please everyone at the barbecue. However, it has a much wider use. You can also let the taste and aroma of India permeate your plate with dinner or lunch.

Among other things, the Indian chili sauce perfectly complements any poultry meat. Would you like some soup? Then choose pumpkin cream. Chilli and mango elevate it to a whole new gourmet experience.

Premium composition

If you're tired of the range of sauces that all taste the same thanks to flavorings, then you've come to the right place. The quality of raw materials and composition is our top priority. That's why we prefer to offer small series of products where we can stand behind their unique quality. But it will be best if you judge it yourself.

A combination of seemingly disparate tastes

The taste of mango and chili appears repeatedly in our menu. The reason is that we just love this combination. Seemingly disparate flavors such as juicy, exotic mango, premium chilli, mild mustard and Indian curry can all create a unique sauce that you will fall for.


Mango (60%), full-fat mustard (drinking water, mustard seed, fermented alcoholic vinegar, sugar, table salt, turmeric, spice extract) (12 g per 100 g of product), cane sugar, fermented alcoholic vinegar, curry (1%) , table salt, water, dried Bhut Jolokia Peach chili peppers (0.2%), mixed spices.


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