HOT CHIP - Jerky Bacon & Chilli 25 g

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Jerky Bacon & Chilli 25 g

A combination of the finest ingredients

There is no jerky like jerky. Many manufacturers do not bet so much on quality as on flavor enhancers and artificial aromas. Not us. We believe that there is beauty in quality and simplicity. That's why in every package you will find the finest beef, an irresistible taste of bacon, a smoky aroma and a slightly spicy chili.

You will see that this combination will start a complete flavor explosion in your mouth.
A great snack for everyone

The package of Jerky Spicy Bacon fits into your backpack and pocket. You can therefore take it on a trip or as a snack at work. Exclusively natural ingredients and a high protein content ensure that your body gets what it needs, even if you don't have time to cook.
Careful manufacturing process

Our work doesn't start the moment we season every single slice of dry-aged beef. It starts with the selection of raw materials and spices. You can therefore be sure that each package contains only first-class beef and a carefully selected combination of chili spices.
We say NO to chemistry

All the hot flavors in your mouth are of natural origin. At HOT-CHIP, we believe that there is no place for unnecessary chemistry in quality food. But you'll know it yourself at the first bite!

Beef (100 g of the product is made from 270 g of beef), seasoning mixture (salt, mixture of spices and dehydrated vegetables – chili, onion, garlic), flavoring agents (bacon 1.8%), smoke flavor, acidity regulator: tartaric acid) .

Store in a dry and cool place. Once you open the package, use it within 24 hours. Any white coating is not a problem. The oxygen absorber is not intended for consumption, but you would have figured that out even without us.

25 g