HOT CHIP - Kashmiri Chilli Powder 10g

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Pleasant heat and beautifully sweet taste. Are you looking for spices to add flavor to your salty and sweet dishes? Great! Kashmiri is perfect for these purposes. The deep red color and the oriental touch simply suit any fresh dish. You will fall for this spice. More

Kashmiri chili powder 10g

Smell and taste

Oriental aroma, sweet, smoky taste


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Use in the kitchen

This pepper is really unique. Its light spiciness is guaranteed to please you, and you definitely don't have to worry that it won't excite the other people at the table. And the taste! Few peppers find a more versatile use.

Given its origin, this spice can be used in many Indian dishes. But if you had planned to prepare something else, no problem! It is also suitable for vegetable dishes, legumes, chicken, soups or marinades.

In addition, it perfectly spices up cookies or hot chocolate.

Country of origin


Ground pepper that has a kick

This chili powder has a beautiful red color. It will give your dish not only a pleasant oriental taste, but also an unmistakable appearance.

Kashmiri spices clearly resemble ground paprika in their appearance. If you're about to add it to a meal, stop. If you are a lover of spiciness, hide it and use Kashmiri instead. Your guests will surely enjoy it and ask you for the recipe!