HOT CHIP - Orange Chilli Jam

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Buckle up, the ride of great flavors is about to begin! We thought of combining the taste of fresh oranges and Bhut Jolokia pepper and the result is simply unreal. The sweet taste of oranges underlined by a pleasant heat. This is a combination that will impress both the seasoned chili eater and the cautious beginner. More

Orange chilli jam


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What it's good for

Pancakes, fritters, waffles and cakes. Everyone is clamoring for this amazing jam that will take their taste buds to a whole new level! But definitely don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and use this goodness with white meat, for example.

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Our jams are made with love for quality. We only use fresh oranges for their production, which we peel, cut and pit by hand. It is not the same with chili, for which we always stand behind its freshness and quality.

We value our customers and nature, so we only produce jams in small batches to always guarantee premium quality. You will certainly appreciate the practical glass packaging. Do not look for preservatives or ečka here. And to make matters worse, everything is made with love here in the Czech Republic.

An orange ride with a subtle heat

What happens when you combine oranges and Bhut Jolokia pepper? An amazing experience that begins with the release of a sweet orange flavor and ends with a pleasant heat. The balance of this combination will please almost everyone. Whether you are a big or small chili lover, this jam is sure to make any breakfast enjoyable.


Oranges (70%), sugar, pectin from citrus fruits, dried Bhut Jolokia chili peppers (0.04%). Without artificial colors and additives.


200 g