HOT CHIP - Pasilla Chilli Powder 10 G

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You can never have enough of a good spice, so expand your supply with this unique Pasilla pepper powder. Its very mild heat makes it a truly versatile spice. It can be used in the preparation of many dishes and Mexican specialties! More

Pasilla chili powder 10 g

Taste and smell

sweet taste with notes of berries, pleasant earthy aroma


2500 SHU

Use in the kitchen

Thanks to the low heat and sweet taste, the use of spices is really wide. Pasilla goes well with fruit or honey, as well as savory dishes. It perfectly complements duck or lamb recipes and at the same time creates harmony with seafood or mushrooms.

The slight spiciness will guarantee that your food will be enjoyed by both big and small chili lovers. So what can you prepare for them? Basically any of your favorite recipes. But if we can advise you, find inspiration in Mexican cuisine. The Pasilla pepper itself comes from Mexico and is thus typical for a whole range of recipes. So you can try making burritos, quesadillas or enchiladas.

Country of origin


A dark powder that offers a unique softness

Compared to other chili spices, Pasilla has a beautiful dark color, which it also lends to prepared dishes. In addition, you don't have to worry about its dosage. A heat of 2500 SHU places this spice at the bottom of the Scoville heat scale.

If you are not very familiar with hotness values, we can compare Pasilla with other, perhaps more well-known peppers. Jalapeño is two to four times hotter than this mild chili pepper. And, for example, Habanero is even 140x sharper!

If you like chili, but you don't need to test your limits, then chili powder from Pasilla should definitely not be missing in your kitchen.