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A combination of pear and chilli? How do these flavors go together? Absolutely great! Few relationships are as harmonious as the fusion of Carolina Reaper peppers and juicy pears. The interplay of these two ingredients will delight chili lovers and at the same time not discourage beginners who enter the world of hot flavors for the first time. More

Pear chilli jam


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What it's good for

Pear jam goes well with chocolate or with sweet and savory pastries. You can also try using it in baking. If you are a fan of sweet dips, you will definitely find that its use is even wider! It will go well with marinades, sauces, meats and aromatic cheeses!

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We believe that it is the care with which we make each jar of jam that gives it the stamp of uniqueness. Mass production did not excite us, so all our products are produced in small series, by hand, and here in the Czech Republic. That's why you can be sure that every glass contains the highest quality chili and freshly processed pears.

An extraordinary experience for big and small chili lovers

Fresh, quality pears and the hottest Carolina Reaper pepper. What can be created when you combine these two elements into one? A wonderful jam with a balanced taste. It ranks among the finest in our range.

A hardened chili lover will certainly appreciate its pleasant spiciness and taste. An inquisitive beginner, on the other hand, will be grateful that his mouth doesn't catch fire. If you want an unusual experience, our pear chili jam is the ideal choice.


Pears, sugar, chili, gelling agent: pectin, acidity regulator: citric acid. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight. After opening, use within 14 days and store at a temperature of up to 5˚C.


180 g