HOT CHIP - Plum Chili Sauce

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Looking for something with a luxurious taste? Something that will stand out from the rest of the sauces and still give you that hot ride you crave? So stop! Plum Chili Sauce is something you just have to have in your fridge! More

Plum chili sauce



Use in the kitchen

One of the great things about plum chili sauce is that it goes well with absolutely everything. Whether you're hosting carnivores or vegetarians, the sauce will suit everyone. And how is that possible? It plays with both meat and a wide variety of cheeses. One sauce and so many uses! This is HOT CHIP plum chili sauce.

Premium composition

In this sauce you will only find what really belongs in it. No e's, no flavorings. All ingredients used are carefully selected and processed by hand. After all, quality is the basis of a unique taste!

A combination of ingredients that you can hardly beat

Every meat or cheese deserves a proper sauce to take it somewhere further. And that's best to the world of great taste and spiciness. And then we thought of it! How about combining sweet, juicy plums, onions, great red wine and a harsh chili called Bhut Jolokia?

Cobra sneak attack

You will simply love this sauce. We're sure of it because none other than the famous Bhut Jolokia chili pepper is responsible for its hotness. It has a fruity taste that goes well with sauces, but at the same time it stalks you like a cobra, bites down and won't let go.


Plum jam (57% - plums, sugar, apple pulp as a source of natural pectin, citric acid), onion, red wine (27%) containing sulphites, garlic, fermented apple cider vinegar, table salt, sunflower oil, drinking water, spice mix, dried chili peppers of the Bhut Jolokia variety (0.17%).


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