HOT CHIP - Scotch Bonnet Chilli Powder 30g

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The heat and appearance of the Scotch Bonnet is quite similar to the Habanero pepper. Unlike it, however, it surprises with its fruity aroma and taste with notes of apple, cherry and apricot. If you love heat, but are also looking for a great taste, then this spice should go straight into your basket. More

Scotch Bonnet chili powder 30g

Smell and taste

Fruity aroma, soft fruity taste with pleasant heat


350,000 SHU

Use in the kitchen

This spice goes well with any sauces and dips. It also plays great with chicken or pork.

Country of origin

Costa Rica

Ideal heat and unmistakable taste

This spice comes from a pepper that is quite similar to the Habanero pepper. In addition to the appearance, they are also connected by a similar hotness and taste. However, Scotch Bonnet is sweeter.

If you like hotness to have some added value, then don't go any further. Scotch Bonnet guarantees a sharp experience, but it also surprises with its rich fruity taste, in which tones of apple, cherry, apricot and tomato intertwine.

Its sweet taste makes it a very versatile spice that will be appreciated by lovers of both sweet and savory dishes. It excels in sweet-hot marinades or sauces. You will see that when you taste it, your imagination will go into overdrive.

Order a 30g pack right away. After you taste it, you will always want it. You will see that you will find a use for it when preparing moha recipes!