HOT CHIP - Strips Bruschette Jalapeno 80 g

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Subtle notes of chili, full and balanced taste, light, crunchy consistency. These are exactly the qualities that make Bruschette Jalapeño strips a delicacy that everyone and everywhere will love. This snack is not only a unique healthy snack, but also a great snack for a party. You'll taste it once and you'll understand. More

Strips Bruschette Jalapeno 80 g

Quality composition

Bruschette Jalapeño Strips are made here in the Czech Republic and we carefully monitor their composition. That's why you can be sure that with each piece you get only the best ingredients without hidden dyes or additives.

High protein content, fiber and a carefully balanced taste - this is something that classic chips or crackers will never offer you.
Where to enjoy them

The healthy composition makes these strips the perfect snack for work or on a trip. However, thanks to their full taste, you will find out over time that this is a really addictive thing. Therefore, always have at least one package with you!

Due to their mild heat and purely vegetable and gluten-free composition, these strips are also a universal snack for any party. You can't go wrong with such a treat. The taste goes well with both beer and wine. Therefore, never forget to add a bowl of these strips to the dinner table.
A festival of great flavors with every bite

You will see that after the first packaging it just gets dusty. The taste of Bruschette Jalapeño strips is really addictive. Subtle echoes of chili will highlight the individual ingredients and we can guarantee that you will want more with every bite.

Pea flour 49%, lentil flour 33%, rapeseed oil, chia seeds, sea salt, chili pepper green jalapeño 1.3%, chili pepper, onion, tomatoes, garlic, spice mix, yeast extract.


80 g

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