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The best of STRiPS CHiPS! Try the global flavors of legume chips. Delight your friends, family or just have a nice evening at home in front of the TV with this healthy yet damn good vice!

The chips themselves are made from flour from legumes, which are generally beneficial for the human body and should appear regularly in every menu. The chips are of course preservative-free, gluten-free, allergen-free and also gluten-free.

Tune into the wave of STRiPS CHiPS products and "munch healthy"!

The package includes:

2x StripsChips Lentils Italy 90g
2x StripsChips Peas France 90g
2x StripsChips Smoked Jalapenos 90g
2x StripsChips Beans Mexico 90g
2x StripsChips Chickpea Asia 90g

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